Airplane Instruction

     Our flight instructors at Hummingbird Aviation come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This allows us to provide students with a wide range of training methods and materials to suit every individual's needs. We are qualified to help you achieve most FAA certificates, ratings, and endorsements including:

  • Light Sport Pilot (LSA) License

  • Private Pilot's License

  • Commercial Pilot's License

  • Airline Transport Pilot's License

  • Instrument Rating

  • Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) Rating

  • Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) Rating

     We offer very competitive rates as well as a 15% Block Discount on aircraft rentals when pre-purchased in blocks of 5 hours!




This aircraft might be small but it is packed full of the latest technology. It’s strong composite airframe and advanced avionics will help prepare you to fly more modern aircraft.  Worried about passing your flight physical? Don't be! When training for a light sport certification you don’t need one.  We can train you for your Light Sport Pilot rating in a little as 20 hours of flight time.  The Jabiru 170 is also great for cross county flights. With a cruise speed of 100kts and sipping the fuel at a rate of 4 gallons an hour, you'll get a range of nearly 900 NM! The Jabiru is just a fun plane to fly!



The Cherokee 140 is our primary flight trainer. It’s a four place low wing aircraft. The Cherokee has what they call the Hershey bar wing due to the shape, which makes it a great flying airplane for flight training. With it’s 8 gallon fuel burn and cruise speed of 108kts, it’s a very economical plane. This allows you to have fun in the sky while saving money. The Cherokee 140 is also fully equipped for IFR flight. This aircraft can be used all the way through your private and instrument ratings! It's comfortable cabin is great for taking family and friends on flights. 



The Arrow III is a great cross country airplane. With a cruise speed of 138kts, a useful load of 1,113 lbs, and a range of nearly 700 NM, it's great for family trips. After training in our Cherokee, it's an easy transition to learn to fly the Arrow. As a complex aircraft, it’s great for your Commercial and Instrument training.   

**Requirements: Complex Endorsement, Instructor Checkout**