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Hummingbird Aviation is proud to announce that we have acquired two brand new Redbird flight simulators! These are not your typical stationary sims. Oh no, these incredible machines are full motion and will give you a realistic feel of what its like to be in an airplane.  Both devices can be used for part 141 or 61 training!


Redbird FMX - AATD

Theres nothing better than the Redbird FMX. This simulator will let your practice nearly any aviation scenario in a safe environment. Whether its flying down the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty or practicing cold weather flying in the french alps, this sim can do it all. 

Because of its full motion and realistic flight simulation, the FAA classifies it as an AATD or Advanced Aviation Training Device. What this means is that it can be used for nearly every stage of training from private pilot all the way through ATP and instrument currency. Another great advantage is that this device can count for twice the number of hours as a BATD (basic aviation training device). While a BATD can only count for 12.5 hours total for training, an AATD can be used for as much 97.5 hours! At nearly half the rental price of the airplane airplane, this cuts the cost of training down significantly for our customers. 

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Utilize the FMX for:

  • Private
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • Multi-Engine
  • Flight Instructor
  • ATP
  • Instrument Currency

Redbird X-Wind Trainer

One of the most critical and dangerous parts of aviation is during landing. The leading causes of accidents during this stage of flight are cross wind, turbulence, and gust. Until recently, there hasn't been a way to practice in these adverse conditions besides directly placing oneself in them. This is no longer the case thanks to the Redbird X-Wind. This cross-wind trainer eliminates the risk and lets both new and veteran pilots hone their skills while in a controlled environment. This is a great trainer for new pilots trying to get down the mechanics for landing. No other simulator can adequately help prepare someone for their first solo like the X-Wind can. Students can continuously shoot approaches without having to waste time taxing, taking off or circling back around. In the time a typical student would complete 4-5 landings, our students can complete 30 in the simulator.  This helps us produce safe an proficient pilots. 


Up for a Challenge? 

In the X-Wind, you can manipulate the winds to be as strong as 30 knots direct cross wind, 15 knots gusting and two different severities of turbulence. There's a seatbelt in this thing for a reason. The wind will blow you on the tracks and off the runway. You can make it as difficult or as easy as you want as you fight the winds down to make a safe landing. The machine will even give you score on your landing. Pilots can score between Crashed to 1000. Come see if you can beat the top score!

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Become an Airline Pilot for Free!


Rotor Transition Program

          Are you a helicopter pilot? Have you been wanting to transition to fixed-wing and take advantage of the pilot shortage? Now is your chance! CommutAir announced last week that they will provide up to $22,100 for helicopter pilots to get their commercial fixed-wing add-on. What's even crazier is that this isn't only for military pilots! For the first time, an airline is opening up their rotorcraft transition program (RTP) to civilian pilots as well! What is also unique about this RTP is that you can train at the flight school of your choosing. No longer will students have to quit their jobs, move to a designated location and abide by a number of other restrictions. The lucky recipients of CommutAir's program can live at home while training at schools they know and trust. 


Heres a letter from our friends at Rotary to Airlines Group:

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Hummingbird Aviation - Ready to help Those Affected by Helicopter School Closing

Hummingbird Aviation -

Ready to help Those Affected by Helicopter School Closing

It has come to our attention, on 01/31/17, that many veterans pursuing a career in aviation, as of 01/30/17, are no longer able to attend training at a particular part-141 flight school in the Twin Cities area. It is often difficult for GI Bill recipients to find schools approved to help them utilize their VA benefits. Hummingbird Aviation, LLC is a prominent part-141 helicopter and airplane training center in Eden Prairie, MN. Being a VA approved flight school in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Hummingbird Aviation is ready to help those left without an institution to continue their education. The progression of a pilots training is essential towards fully utilizing a persons GI Bill. A lapse in training can be detrimental and lead to repeated lessons. Such a situation cuts into the total funding provided for one’s education. We here at Hummingbird Aviation wish to help those affected by maintaining the progression of their training. It’s our mission to aid flight students in their pursuit of a career in aviation.

  • Our school is approved to provide training in both helicopter and airplane. 
  • We are located in the Minneapolis/St.Paul suburb of Eden Prairie, MN. 
  • We offer Part 141 training towards both commercial helicopter and airplane. 
  • We are approved to accept VA benefits through both the Montgomery and Post 9/11 GI Bill
  • Hummingbird Aviation is an open-enrollment institution, thus allowing students to begin their training any time during the year. 
  • Helicopters used are: Robinson R44 and Schweizer 300c 
  • Airplanes used are: Jabiru J170, Piper Cherokee 140, Piper Arrow

Let us help you achieve success in aviation!


  • Office Phone: +1(952) 944-2628
It's the Perfect Time to Become a Pilot!



   Your Future is up      in


the Air!


Author: Dillon 

It's the Perfect Time to Become a Pilot     

     One of the most sought after job positions throughout the world right now is commercial pilots. America is the leading destination for those wishing to pursue a carrier in aviation. We are lucky in that, compared to the rest of the world, we are the cheapest option for training. Passenger and cargo airlines around the world are expected to buy 41,000 new airliners between 2017 and 2036, and will need 637,000 new pilots to fly them (A forecast from Boeing). This means that over the next two decades, 87 new pilots will need to be trained and ready to fly a commercial airliner every day in order to meet the worlds increasing demand to travel by air. Those that take this historic opportunity to enter into aviation are destined to have long financially rewarding carriers. Will you be one of them?

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