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Rotor Transition Program

          Are you a helicopter pilot? Have you been wanting to transition to fixed-wing and take advantage of the pilot shortage? Now is your chance! CommutAir announced last week that they will provide up to $22,100 for helicopter pilots to get their commercial fixed-wing add-on. What's even crazier is that this isn't only for military pilots! For the first time, an airline is opening up their rotorcraft transition program (RTP) to civilian pilots as well! What is also unique about this RTP is that you can train at the flight school of your choosing. No longer will students have to quit their jobs, move to a designated location and abide by a number of other restrictions. The lucky recipients of CommutAir's program can live at home while training at schools they know and trust. 


Heres a letter from our friends at Rotary to Airlines Group:

RTP Details.jpg