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Both Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Training

  • Hummingbird Aviation is the only FAA- approved pilot school in Minnesota to offer both fixed wing airplane and rotary wing helicopter training.  

M1 Visa Program

  • For international flight students, Hummingbird offers the M1 Visa Program.

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VA Flight Training Under Chapter 30 and Chapter 33 

  • Hummingbird is the only flight school in Minnesota approved to offer VA flight training under Chapter 30 and Chapter 33 for both airplane and helicopter.                                                                                                     

  • With many of our staff being current and former military servicemen, we have the upmost regard for veterans. We want to help our soldiers achieve success in the aviation industry. Let us assist you in reaping the benefits of your service and reduce the cost of your training so that you may begin a lucrative career in aviation. 


Whether you are looking at aviation as a career, or simply would love to fly, we are here to help you achieve your dreams. We provide both ground school and flight instruction needed to obtain your pilots license. 

  • On-Site Ground Support

You will experience a relaxed classroom setting with one-on-one instructor time to help you master the required material as well as answer your questions. At the end of the course, the on-site test facility may be used to pass your the exam. 

  • Great Instructors 

With a combined 85 years of flight experience, our instructors help many each year experience the thrill of their first solo flight, of earning their private license, or of returning to the cockpit after many years away. You will enjoy our relaxed approach with an emphasis on safety. 


At Hummingbird, we are passionate about flying. Our staff is a group of dedicated individuals ready to help you achieve your aviation dreams.