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Our flight instructors at Hummingbird Aviation come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This allows us to provide students with a wide range of training methods and materials to suit every individual's needs. We offer very competitive rates as well as a 15% discount on aircraft rentals when pre-purchased in blocks of 5 hours!

We are qualified to help you achieve most FAA certificates, ratings, and endorsements including:

  • Private Pilot's License

  • Commercial Pilot's License

  • Airline Transport Pilot's License

  • Instrument Rating

  • Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) Rating

  • Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) Rating



The Robinson R44 is our four seat tour and photo ship. It is the industry standard for sight seeing and tours. Once your through Private pilot training, we'll transition you into the R44 and teach you advanced commercial maneuvers and for your Instrument training. 



With a larger cabin and power greater than most training helicopters, the Schweizer is an excellent aircraft to learn in. It has an immaculate safety record and thanks to its many beginner friendly flying qualities, students are able to progress through training on schedule and on budget with the Schweizer 300c.



Our FlyIt helicopter flight simulator is available for visual and instrument training. The FAA has certified the FlyIt simulator for up to 7.5 hours of visual flight training toward your private or commercial helicopter rating and up to 20 of the required 40 hours of instrument training toward your helicopter instrument license. The helicopter flight simulator is a cost effective way to maintain your instrument currency and proficiency.