Hummingbird Aviation, LLC is a one stop shop for all of your aviation needs. We are an exceptional FBO offering mechanical services for multiple types of aircraft including airplanes and helicopters.  

Offered services: 

  • Maintenance

  • Overhauls

  • Oil Changes

  • Yearly Annuals

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections


We Do Everything

Our Mechanics Are FAA Certificated To Perform Any Type Of Maintenance On General Aviation Aircraft. From A Major Overhaul To An ELT Battery Change, Let Our Mechanics Work To Keep Your Plane Safe And In The Air!



Don't get stuck with a scrapheap! Let us preform a pre-purchase inspection on the aircraft you're looking at. We'll make sure you know exactly what you're buying. While we'd love to provide you with maintenance services, more than anything we want you up in the air.



While Our Specialty Is Beechcraft, We Work On Most General Aviation Piston Planes. Our Mechanics Are Experienced ATP Pilots And Will Proudly Fly The Equipment They Repair.