We are Hummingbird Aviation

       Through years of training pilots, we have developed a reputation of excellence in multiple sectors of the aviation industry. Our namesake is a direct representation of who we are as an institution. Hummingbirds are special through their own unique abilities in flight. Left, right, forwards or backwards, they can do it all. The same can be said about Hummingbird Aviation. Perhaps you wish to learn to fly Helicopters and Airplanes. We make it easy by providing both types of training under one roof. We are the only school in the Minneapolis area that offers training for both types of aircraft. In addition, we are the only school that offers Sport Pilot training.

       Many have a calling to fly, yet have trouble deciding on an area of aviation. We mitigate the difficulty of this decision by allowing our clients to experience all types of flying. We want to help each person discover their true calling so they too can become Hummingbirds!